Sunday, April 13, 2014

"A boy and His Dog"

Hey Friends,  Here is a wee bit of heaven for ya.  We can only dream of such things.  Mostly inspired by the movie "All Dogs go to Heaven".  This fella is swinging with his best friend one last time. Convincing him there is nothing to be afraid of in Heaven.  Click Here for a closer look in Ebay.

 And now for what I did today.
I went to "Butts Cemetery" in the Glenvar/Fort Lewis area on Alleghany Rd. here in Salem, Va.  And painted a small sketch for a distant cousin that is to be in this area in April or May doing genealogy research on his ancestors.  Which includes some of mine.  The work he and his sister have done is amazing.  They have such patience.

He wants to visit this cemetery so I thought he might like something besides a photo.  A professional photographer may be able to do this place justice but not me.  And from the looks of that photo above, someone is doing some construction there.  See ya soon Robert.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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