Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"The Crazy People at the Top of the Hill No. 1"

Hey Friends,  I put a good bit of texture with a sandy gel and an orange bag on the surface, first of all and let that dry.  Then back in with one of my favorite cheap brushes from Cheap Joes.  I think they are called "Golden Fleece" brushes.  I've had mine for years and its taken a lot of abuse.
I really enjoy abstracting the landscape a bit.
This is a new addition to the ebay auctions.  Click Here to Look.

 On another subject, I went to walk a bit at Green Hill Park on the Roanoke River, here in Salem, after making my mail run.  I knew it was time for the Mertensia (Va.Blue Bells) and wild phlox to be blooming.  Mertensia is the prettiest flower to have ever lived.  The shades of blue and pink together on one plant is an artist dream.  I could never do them justice with my little camera OR my brush and paint.  It's is one of those creations you must see in person.
Anyway when they are in bloom that's all I want to paint.  Over and over.  But I've got other paintings that need to be done.  I've got to get something started to finish at 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke tomorrow.  Our group of fab artists, "the Double Line Painters" will be painting from 11 til 1pm or whenever the crowd dies down.  And the 27th of April, we will be at the "Blue Ridge Winery" in the Eagle Rock area.  Again painting for your entertainment and displaying our work for your perusal and purchase.  Hope you can come chat with us for a while.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

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