Thursday, April 3, 2014

More Plein Aire and a Bunny

Hey Friends,  Here is my latest addition to Ebay.  Why was the bunny hiding behind the vase?  I don't remember.  Actually it was a flower pot.  And the bunny belonged to my sister, years ago.  I've always wanted a bunny since.  Click here for the ebay auction.
 And as promised here is the second piece I did yesterday.  This one is an 8x10 canvas panel, that I stained with a burnt sienna beforehand.
 Still sitting in the same spot, see the tree dead ahead with the daffodils in yesterdays painting?
 And this is the first stage, the start, as Brian Buckrell says.  This start is always pretty ugly.  But wait! - it gets worse.
Here at this stage it looks like an abandoned train car, right?  But you keep at it and at it and if no one interferes, you might wind up with something that isn't too shabby.  Look up at the end result.  This shed is really old and in the queerest place.  Almost in the middle of the stream that runs over the road.  My guess is with construction and various trees falling over the years, the stream was in a different place.  This shed is probably full of snakes now.  Yuck.
Haven't decided what to do with this painting yet.  And I'm just too tired to tell you about our trip to the Blue Ridge Winery.  I think I walked for at least a mile taking photos.  174 of them.  I've got a lot of fodder for paintings.  Just need to find the time now.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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