Sunday, April 6, 2014

"He Loves Me"

 Hey Friends,  My latest addition to Ebay.  This silly little girl is plucking a daisy to find out if HE loves her.  Thankfully, He does.  Click Here for Ebay.

And on another note, My Babes and I went up "My Field" (you know I've painted this field numerous times so I call it "My Field" but it's really a neighbors).  And now there are goats there and they had Babies!!  What are baby goats called?   A total of 9 babies.   We fed them bread from Panera.
We had lots more fun puttering around in the golf cart.  And it's getting a bit warmer all the time so  we will be happily playing outside for months.  Yay!!
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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