Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smelling Fresh and Kite Festival

Hey Friends,  The painting above is up for auction , Click Here is see.  I rode the little golf cart down the rode to Mr. Charley's place and luckily there was laundry on the line.  I made up a couple pieces (pink whatever's) for some added color.  Mr. Charley is widowed.  The sunspots were a welcomed enhancement.
Yesterday, Sat., my GranBabes and I went to see the kites at the Green Hill Kite Fest.  It was much prettier then last year.  Or it could be I didn't stay long enough last year.  This photo doesn't really show off how many kites were in the air.  Can't wait to make a couple paintings of this day.

And I probably shouldn't show you this, but it's funny NOW.  This is what Nic thought of the festival.

And this is what Ms.Lill thought of it.  She did real well with both kites.  She is a sweet, patient big sister most of the time.  And Nic can pluck her last nerve on demand.
Happy Easter.

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hw (hallie) farber said...

This is such a wonderful painting, reminds me of childhood Mondays. Happy Easter.