Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No. 11 in 30 Day Challenge - 'SAD SONGS'

Hey Friends, the Eleventh day is upon us.  Jan. is ticking right along.
This gem above started life as a real mess.  Every ugly color you can imagine was on it.  A heavy coat of black and white fixed that.  The rest of it is one of those games, where you keep moving stuff around until you like it.  The umbrella finally came to mind.

I tinkered with several other small pieces.  Started this 20 x 16 when I came to a road block.  Started with a dull khaki green and added some light areas so the intense colors to come will look clear.
You never know, I might fix it with a coat of black too.

I will venture out today and have a school lunch with my sweet little GranSon.
Then another lunch with my Sweet Daughters.

Hope life in 2017 is Treating you Well.

Happy Trails

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