Thursday, January 12, 2017

No.12 in 30 Day Challenge - LOOKS ORIENTAL TO ME

Hey Friends,  Not much to say today.  This piece started with an old clothes pattern tissue.  You can see a bit of the lines on the right side.  I laid one of the homemade Hot Glue stencil things on the left and sprayed with the homemade black alcohol ink.  Did not like the shape so squirted fluid white following shape.  It was really thick so took a few days to dry.
So after looking at it a few days, I couldn't come up with anything beyond Oriental Shape.  So spritzed red ink on it, added the little monk fellow and there she is!
Some things should not see the light of day, I know.  But when ya gotta have SOMETHING, you do the unthinkable. (At least no puppies were harmed in the making of this ugly art)

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope I got a chuckle/snicker out of you.

Happy Trails

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