Friday, January 27, 2017

No.27 in the 30 Day Challenge - LAUREL

Hey Friends,  Wanted you to see this one because I took a few process shots.  As you can see above, it really did start off as black and white (that was supposed to be my theme for this challenge)

And then I started braying (is that a word?) on some pale aqua.

And then here, I got out the alcohol ink.

And the finale!  painted the donut shapes, cut some sticks and stamped on some circles and finished off with scribbles.  "Tis FUN.
Some pieces just seem to take own their own attitude and help you with the details.
Some are nothing but a struggle from the get go.

Happy Trails

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Ophelia Staton said...

Thank you for sharing the process! I love this!! Your work is so inspiring!