Tuesday, January 31, 2017

No. 31 in 30 day Challenge - "STAR CITY"

Hey Friends, If you look closely you will see the black and white grid this paper started life as.
You just start laying down pieces of painted papers and something will usually show up.  You don't glue until you have something that seems to be calling you.

After the initial layer of papers are glued that's when you start embellishing.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing this, before this challenge started.

And I thought the challenge went through the end of January but NO it ended yesterday on the 30th.  That's OK I'm publishing this anyway.

I took my 2 beautiful Gran-Babes to the circus Sunday evening, even though it was freezing and blowing a mix of rain, ice, snow !  I took about 400 photos and have already deleted a bunch and not finished yet

Hoping I can get ideas and photos for collage paintings.

Thanks for traveling with me and hope you continue to visit.

Happy Trails

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