Monday, January 16, 2017

No.16 in 30 Day Challenge 'GOLDFISH'

Hey Friends,  I love flamingos (the way they look, never have had one) so I love to use them in art.  Had a hard time figuring out what to embellish this bird with.

So added a paper chain of goldfish behind her.  Did not add any thing as far as I could see.  So I made them pinker.  Top Photo and that satisfied me.
What do you think?

And I thought I'd show you my newest purchase.  Found these at Michaels.
They are Golden's Hi-Flo Acrylics which I read are the same as Air-Brush acrylics.  And this set came with empty markers.  Just fill the markers with the acrylics.  Not sure I want to do that but will test it soon.
I'm wondering what alcohol inks would do in these markers.

Happy Trails

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Sheila said...

So cool! Have fun with your new toys :)