Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hey Friends  I think it looks kinda spidery or like logs have intertwined in the water flow.

I have more photos of the process but they just don't show the work involved.  I did get a critique before I was finished, which is the photo above and the additional arm or leg on the left finished it nicely.
The top image was scanned on my Epson scanner (which I love and wish was bigger)  I have to scan in sections and then knit them together in PS.  One of the few things I can do in PS.
The bottom image is from my camera, a Nikon Cool Pix L830,  which I also love.  A gift from a really Kool sister.

Hope you are enjoying all the extra posts and explanations.
I'm enjoying this Challenge more than the past challenges,  BUT it's only day 3.

Happy Trails

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Ophelia Staton said...

I found your blog from the 30 in 30, and I absolutely love what you are creating!!! This is beautiful!!!