Thursday, January 19, 2017

No. 20 in the 30 Day Challenge - DEATH DEFYING KNIFE ACT

Hey Friends,  This piece started out black & white but became monochrome, I guess that is the correct term.  The white background just did not look right.  I think it looks dusty, dirty, smokey now.  Like a real old timey carnival.

I have only seen such images on TV-Movies.  Like American Horror Story, with Jessica Lange.  She was the manager? of a crazy carnival and they had a spinning wheel with someone attached.  Guess I'll have to watch it again!

Do you think the little glints of light shining off the knives is a good thing? or should they be erased?

I love that nervous little rabbit myself.

And there is a circus coming to Salem, Va. next week.!!  Yay.  Hoping to get some good photos.  Wouldn't a circus series be fun?

Hoping more to come.

Happy Trails

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