Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Hey Friends,  Still having fun with No. 4  "He Swims with the Fishs".
I know an odd, male choice of a title.  But that's all I could SEE in this one.
Do you see the body bag floating behind the fish?
Maybe one of the Saprano's will use it in their bathroom.

Some process shots that actually make a little sense.
After getting some black on the canvas, I used the squares from the kitchen sink mat I showed about 4 days ago.  Put white on them and pressed the design onto the canvas.

I like squares and circles.  The squares could represent the cinder blocks.

Here are some strips of Paper I found in the trash.  They could represent the lines holding the body underwater.

I can remember my Dad or maybe Uncles using washers if they didn't have the little lead sinkers for their fishing lines.  So the circles represent the weights also.

All of my challenge pieces are available at my website HERE.

Happy Trails

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