Thursday, September 12, 2013

12th Painting in the 30 Day Challenge !

Hey Friends,  I love fantasy art or maybe they are called illustrations.  Like James Gurney's work, in Dinotopia.  Of course, my stories are snippets, just a peak into a couple of strange brain cells.
The title here is " Listening to My Love's Story "

 I remember once in a while to take photos as I work along - so here we go.  Above, I'm thinking of which papers I want to use.  That's the gel I used to glue them on the ampersand panels and the crackle liquid, I will put on after the paper is glued.
 Here I'm showing you my process of sketching the bodies in different positions and then cutting them out of Masa Rice paper and staining with acrylic ink.
 This shot and below is showing you how hard it was to decide on something such as what color to make the shadows.  Above is a green shadow.  And I just noticed I need to go back and highlight the birds eye.
And here is ablue shadow.  Can you see the piece of glass?  You lay that on the painting and put your color choices on it, so you don't mess up the original !  I learned that tidbit from Julie Ford Oliver.  Can you tell how old my art table is?   It was white years ago, now it's sort of a splattered egg look.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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