Thursday, September 5, 2013

30 Days of Painting

Hey Friends, Here is a quirky one for you to ponder.  The title is " I Live Here Now ".....If you are not a painter, or one that produces work for sale, you will not understand how difficult it can be to give a painting a title !   Some times I think of title right away that fits but makes no sense to others.  In most cases that's because it's very personal or betrays a child hood moment.
This is a collage using painted deli-papers and scrap book paper and lots of gel medium.  And a crazy little bottle made to apply hair color with several little prongs that dispense the color.
And this pretty little blond is printed and painted on Sumi rice paper.  I did another version before this one, bigger and more complicated.   I'm saving these works (the challenge works) for the festival coming up in Lynchburg.  I'll list them in my Etsy shop if any come home with me.
Now back to the painting table !
Happy Trails
Travel Well


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Both "parts of the whole" are perfect as individual paintings but tell a story in the whole painting.
Neat of you to share your process. Thanks. I will be back.

audrey said...

Hi Sue.
You are so sweet to continue visiting my Blog. I have a lot to post, but have not had much time to play on the computer this Summer. I hope to do better this Fall. I appreciate your stopping by and leaving comments.
Sorry I missed out on the last workshop at 2nd Helpings. I was sad to miss it, but had another commitment.
I admire your participation in 30 in 30 Days ~ you are creating such wonderful art each day.

Jessi Ridgway said...

Hi Mommy! Was just stopping by! :)