Saturday, September 7, 2013

BlueBird diptch - Right side

Hey Friends,  Here is the other half of my diptch, the right side.  These are 12" squares.  Look at my last post to hear about YES canvas.  I failed to say I get this canvas at ASWExpress.
I'm at my GrandBabes birthday party today and I posted this last night !  Hopefully everything went fine.   I'm enjoying this challenge this time.  I failed the last challenge.  Thanks, Leslie!
Happy Trails
Travel Well


Kim Stenberg said...

Beautiful colors! I love purple.

DLPBR said...

Thanks Kim, are you enjoying this challenge?

Pat Grimaldos said...

Love the colors you used for your flowers and the birds are gorgeous!!! Really like the collages you've done for Leslie's challenge too:)

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Your colors are beautifully vibrant and the birds are perfect. I love yes canvas and use it with watercolor too.