Saturday, September 14, 2013

No. 14 in the 30 Day Challenge

Hey Friends,  Just got home from the wonderful Lynchburg Art Festival .  Again I love this festival.
I was ready to go home, fairly happy with the sales at about 3pm and then this wonderful lady named Nanci came along with her family and bought 2 of my most favorite pieces.

She really made my day because she loved the work and she was willing to pay money for them.  That doesn't sound right.  What I mean is besides willingness to pay, she genuinely loved them.

She bought the one above and I'll show you the other one tomorrow.  I'm doing it this way so I can get them posted for the 30 in 30 day challenge.  Don't think of it as cheating.  This challenge and this show schedule I'm on are wearing this chick down.  To remind you, I've got two gallery shows in October with the Double Line Painters.   And I need to finish those and make more for this challenge.

Anyway, Thanks for stopping by and a big ole Thanks to Lynchburg and the wonderful folks I met today.

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