Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Painting No. 18 - Leslie's 30 Day Challenge

Hey Friends,  I decided to throw a few of my Dictionary Art into this challenge.  After all I must work on them if they are to be finished.   Why did I choose hammer for "H"?
I use a hammer to make my frames but mostly because I always think of my Dad when I see a hammer.  He was a rock mason and carpenter.  His right arm was a bit bigger than the other from swinging a 20 lb. hammer ( I could be as crazy as a bat on that 20 lb thing) but that's what I remember.   I also remember that he always tried to drive a 6 penny nail in 2 swings.
And that is a real nail there on the piece.
I'm trying to become more efficient in my posting on this blog and the DPW store.  I haven't listed anything there for a while because it ALL takes up so much time.  My desire is to post on this blog, then put the work in my Etsy store and have the DPW link to Etsy.
I'm gonna give it another try.  Wish me success.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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