Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 10 in Leslie Saeta's Challenge

 Hey Friends,   A good friend gave me this tiny nest.  She found it in her yard after a hard storm.  I'm hoping the Mom and Babes had already left to find a bigger home.   I took photos of my Babe, Lillie, holding it, to paint from.  She is so sweet and indulges my every photo wish.
 I cut this string of paper birds out of some deli-paper I had painted for another project.
 I drug a toothpick around and around in some heavy gel for this nest to have texture.  And I used more deli papers in the background, along with stencils.
 And I'm just showing these 2 photos to NaNaKat  'cuz she loves birds as much as I do..   I've had my moulding saw outside all summer 'cuz it's so crowded in the studio.   Wrapped in plastic and a heavy tarp, folded 4 times and clamped with big work clamps, 8 clamps!
But a silly wren got in there and with all this material.  I hope she raised some babes without trouble.  I never saw her come or go and I passed by at least 50 times a day!  Moma Birds on a Mission !!!!
Happy Trails
Travel Well (little moma bird)


Anonymous said...

Thanks 22. Love the nests. Grandbabe's little hands perfect for holding tiny nest. So realistic. Another wonderful painting. NaNa >^..^<

Lee Lane said...

Beautiful painting, as always! And wrens are funny nest builders, amusing I mean. The reason I say this is because one time a friend of mine had her jeans hanging out on the line and wrens built nests in two of her pockets. They didn't stay, they just built the nests and moved on, I guess, to a better nesting site. She kept those nests for years. It was such a neat thing to happen.