Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11th day-Painting! in 30 day Challenge

 Hey Friends,  I used the same reference photos that I had for the bluebird diptych for this one.  This year I hung out a finch feeder sock with thistle to see what happened.  And....."GoldFinches" .....showed up !!
First time I've ever seen any around here.  So sweet and cute and paintable.  Loved it.
By the first of Sept. it seemed they had all left but I read in one of my many bird books that they lose their beautiful gold color after mating.  Such a shame.  I'll have to wait til next year for more photos.
Happy Trails.
Travel Well


Egretta Wells blog said... that purple!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors. Love the goldfinches.

DLPBR said...

Thank you ladies very much. This challenge is heating up now. I'm not used to daily painting and Posts.