Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day Two !

Hey Friends  Saw a small gang of Red-Winged Black Birds at Judy's house this summer.  She lives in Botetourt County.  Also saw some grackles there.  Took me a couple months of searching but I finally figured out the birds were Grackles !  Since then I've seen a couple at home.  They are pretty but I'll probably find out they are a pain to paint, with that iridescent head.

This Red-Wing's background is a collage of painted deli papers and stenciled gels.  The bird is painted.  All done with acrylics.

Now I need to get back to the studio,  I'm working on a large diptych for the Goose Creek Show.  The Harmony Equestrian Center is the subject.  Got my fingers crossed !!

Happy Trails Travel Well


Kelly Pennington-Reed said...

This is soo Awesome! love your style and compo with Lively Texture! Well Done.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

It is such a pleasure to find work like yours. I love everything about this beautiful piece.